High-end bronzes
High-end bronzes
Daniel & Nathan RIETSCH 0606565564 / 0781950090
Eichhoffen, France

The Atelier RIETSCH is a French art craft company, associating two brothers graduated from the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris.
It specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end bronze works inspired by the classic French styles recognized throughout the world.
Combining unique traditional gestures and contemporary digital know-how, the Atelier RIETSCH is ready to make reproductions of classic works or custom creations.

Years of experiences allow us to breathe new life to old bronze works too.
It is particularly through the past that we draw our creativity.

Aware of the adventages of new technologies, we consider them as tools that follow our hands.
Our vison is to master the ancestral craft skills and value them in a contemporary design thinking.

Our works are published volontary without dimensions: all the projects can be adapted to your desires. Your own ideas will then take birth in our workshop with the concern to be as close as possible to your wishes.

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